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Hollow lives

Today I got a chance to talk to my extended family about happiness…

What I realised from those conversations was that we were never taught of happiness.

Our parents told us that when we are adults, these are the things that will make you happy:

1. To be rich, so that you can buy all the nice things in life.

2. To have a loving spouse, so that person will worship and provide you with good life.

3. To have a good job or become man of power, so that other people will look up and respect you.

4. To have a big & comfortable house, so that you can sleep well at night.

5. To have smart & healthy children, so they can take good care of you when you’re old.

6. To have important friends, so that you can follow the upward stream.

And so on…

What happened when you achieved all the above, you will be happy.

But that’s not true. One achievement after another, many are not feeling happy. They keep feeling hollow and unfulfilled.

On old age, they’ve become wiser. Begin to understand what makes life worthwhile…. Happiness. They’ve led a hollow life for decades because no one was determined enough to explain the meaning of happiness.

I’m a realistic bitch. Of course you need to be comfortable before enjoying life, but you definitely do not need 3 BMWs to feel comfortable. Or a house in every major city in the world. 

You need to earn enough for food and roof, and making sure that you have no debts. Then you can focus on how to be happy. How to achieve happiness.

I feel I had worked hard enough to have a debt free life, good food on the table, some new clothes when I need one, books to read… 

Now I don’t work like hamster on a wheel, I earn enough for daily food, some savings for rainy day, and living life on the slow lane. I got to try diving, go on holidays, and got to see my friends anytime I want.

Who’s happier? Me or you?

Who have a better life?

Of course I don’t have burden & obligation because I am unmarried and have no children. But this is the life I choose. You choose your own life… Why do you want me to live your hollow life while I can have a fulfilling life?

Your logic escapes me.


July 16, 2017 - Posted by | B*tching

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