Bitchiness is not a Crime

Just another woman who try to look wise

I just want to sleep until all of my problems go away

Have you ever felt like that?
Being a grown-up is not fun. When we were little, we thought the grown-ups have all the fun and we have rules and limited space.
Our parents never told us that they are stuck with their problems and so little fun they have.
I wonder if they have ever told us all of the shits that they are dealing with, we would ever want to grow up at all.
Once, I told my nephew to take an afternoon nap, he refuses. So I told him that, as an adult I cannot take naps, and sometimes I have to stay up all night to work. I might even have to pay to take a nap, and it is expensive. So, while he is allowed, he should sleep as much as he can, because he might not that much when he grows up. He immediately sleep… 

I think our parents should tell us that. It is reality, and even if we want to protect our younguns, hiding the truth might not the best way. 
I guessed my depressive state also contributes to the feeling of running away, but I am pretty sure that most adults often wish that their problems would go away in the morning. Well, it doesn’t, more likely they’ve multiplied overnight. 
Actually, as a grown woman, I never knew what is actually expected of me. There are so many ‘stakeholders’ in our life and they want different part of our organs. But we need to keep most of our organs to stay alive, so we battled and negotiate, just to keep our head above the water… or to keep most of our organs.
For what? I have no idea… no one ever survived life.


July 22, 2016 - Posted by | B*tching

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