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Kiss a lot of frogs, maybe one of them is a prince

Last night, I am sitting with my friends… They are very young, but seems to be remote from love… Maybe it’s just Singaporean thing.

But it is sad, since one of them seems to be apathetic toward relationship… She claims that she doesn’t want to be married, and she is only in her early 20.

Yet, there we are… People who are closer to 40 and above 50, not giving them the right example. 3 of us who are above maturity (physically) age, being single, unable to maintain or have a normal relationship.

I’ve kissed so many frogs and princes… Not that many, but enough.
I told her that falling in love and kissing boys are good feelings. And while you are young, just do it.

What I didn’t tell her, because after you are older, you’ve become the frog and no one wants to kiss you 😛

I remember the reason for me to want to be single, because I’m afraid that a guy will take away my freedom and I will life in shackles and chains, agreeing to a man’s will.

But deep inside, I never lose hope that one day, one fine day, he comes knocking my door… The one who wants me as I am.

I hope they have the same hope…


May 11, 2016 - Posted by | B*tching

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