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Tinder frenzy

I’ve been having (and playing) tinder for a while now…

Got some matches and chat a bit with them, but never actually met any of them!

I think I’m quite lucky in term of getting ‘matches’, but eventually never got the interest of meeting them.

It’s just fun,  like browsing for clothes and accessories in Asos and click on what ever you like… But not always they have your size.

And getting some matches also feed to my ego, that some people actually wants to see me… NOT!
That I am still attractive for some people, but as soon as we start to chat, all is lost. No one have the wittiness that I like or they play the waiting game, have to wait for a few days before show high interest.

Then what? I think I’m too out-dated for those shits. Can’t build engagement, don’t know how to build an interesting conversation, don’t know how to play coy… Too pragmatic.

But hey, it’s nice to be able to choose some men, like I browse shoes catalogues!!


April 30, 2016 - Posted by | B*tching

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