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Last weekend, we had a conversation about my friend’s relationship.

She has been seeing this guy for about a year, and she is still unsure about what the hell they are.

Are we dating?
Are we F buddy?
Are we flings?
Are we hanging out?

What?? What??

I’ve been there, and it wasn’t pretty… I’d say, it brings out the worse in me. Left wondering for years in a relationship, is not nice… Oh boy, brings out all the anxiety in me.

I kept telling her that she should just ask, the form of their relationship. It’s no big deal. At least both parties will know for sure.

But my (Western) boss, who was there, told her that sometimes the best things are left unsaid. If he has been ‘kissing’ her for a year, then he is her boyfriend.

Well, I completely disagree. What’s wrong with confirmation? I don’t need to tell to the whole fucking world, I just want to feel secured and not left wondering if I’m wasting time with a person.

I just want to sleep well and not thinking, can I see him in my future? Is he just using me? Or worse… There’s this other guy, am I allowed to go out with him?

I’ve spent more than 10 years waiting for a guy to ask my hand… And I surely unwilling to wait and left wondering.

I am pretty classic, traditional. If a relationship meant something for both party, then the rule of engagement should be clear. Is it exclusive? Open? Non compete?

And I definitely needs to know the aim of a relationship, and I am not down for fun. If you want fun, go for younger girls. I had my share of fun, and I don’t have enough time to just have fun.

Right now, I only have about 7 years to procreate… Assuming that all my body functions are normal.

So I think it is only fair if a girl can ask ‘what the fuck are we?’, and they can be anything they agreed upon.

I will be ‘that girl’, I don’t care. If it’s on or off, I need to know. Whether I am to move on or hold someone’s hand, no one should give me that anxiety anymore. If a guy still unsure, you can step aside and ponder upon it, while I took my best chance out there… I wont promise that I still be around though, I am very functional… And not very forgiving.


April 26, 2016 - Posted by | B*tching

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