Bitchiness is not a Crime

Just another woman who try to look wise

Asking for too much…

Last night we had a girls night out and as usual, the singles start to bitch and complains about no one wants to be with us.

And saying cynical shit about other girls, of course we were jealous! And we say stupid stuff to make ourselves feel better.

Then our married friend starts (almost) screaming at us, saying that we want everything and we looked down at other girls who have boyfriends… Specifically (very tanned / exotic) girls who dated Western men.

And pointing her fingers at me… I almost felt that she was frustratred at something, I am not sure. Starts saying that I am no different from those girls (bule hunters)… Then I stopped her, “so you expect me to marry anyone I found on the street?”. She said no, but it seems that she felt I’m being difficult by choosing men with certain criteria… Then I told her, you’ve seen most of my boyfriends, do you really think I’m choosy? Of course I want a man with certain standards, but I am not very choosy… Oh believe you me!

At that point, I am thinking, is she frustratred about her own choice? I know the guy is not the best she can get, but he is okay. Great job, fantastic house, good life… What else can woman ask? (I personally can name a few more though) we didn’t judge her choice, and we are not jealous of her… She gave up her work, which we will never do. But it was her choice.

The thing is, it all started from me saying that all the men I loved, never wanted me. And she was so angry that I bitched about it… Well, I told her, it is true! None of them ever asked me to marry them, instead they married to other women. I don’t understand why she was so worked out like that…

Any idea?


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