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A week ago, I  sat with my best friend and we were talking about her intimate male friend.

And she was very much into this guy, they have been seeing each other for almost a year. But she can’t call this guy her boyfriend… Because, the guy is not showing or saying anything about their relationship.

And then we talked about the guy I used to be with… Been with this guy for more than a decade.

I remember one incident, he was doing the dishes, we were talking about personal shit, and then he said “I need to ask you something”, and I said ” yeah, what? “. He said ” let me finish this” and it was his serious tone… My heart leaps!!! (Oh my God… Oh my God… He’s going to pop the question… What should I answer, am I ready? Is this what I want? All those questions came to my head).

And he asked me… About something related to my work.

You see, what I have learn about men, in the past and present… They mean shit. No matter the number of men you’ve dated, meet & other stuffs, there was no lesson to learn. There is no real pattern with men.

This guy who I am quite fond of… Saying silly things, I was obviously showing a lot of attention, affection and interest, he said “I don’t think I’m that special”…. Oh wow you need me to wear a T-shirt that said ” I think you are special”??

I gave up. It is super obvious that I know nothing about men, and neither any of my single friends.

And next time I’m out on a real date with a guy I like, I will wear a T-shirt saying “I really like you, so what now?”
At least the pain will be quick and fast… I can imagine that guy immediately run out of the restaurant after reading my T-shirt.


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