Bitchiness is not a Crime

Just another woman who try to look wise

The changes in us

I started this blog to bitch about life and people, as I grow older… it doesn’t really matter anymore. I do bitch a lot of time, but I don’t see the point of writing about those anymore… whatever it is, I believe I wrote something about it already.

Not that I lose my keen eyes on life and human, I see beyond that. Well, I hope I see beyond whatever that annoys me back then.

Don’t get me wrong, I still envies those who are superficial. Their lives and their goals are much, much more simpler than me.

I don’t aim for fame, nor money. I just want to be happy, simply happy. And the older I get, the more I realised that it might be impossible to achieve.

No one is ever truly happy, everyone are racing from one point to another point, we only see what they want us to see. But as soon as they reach to their goals, they immediately seek for the next goal, because it is how human is. We long for living a long life, because of our never ending goals.

While my goal, is still the same as it was before. Just to be happy. Which of course an abstract concept. We all want to be happy, indeed. But what can make us happy changes over time.

My happiness… Is to come home to a home. To sit next to someone, reading a book, enjoying a glass of coffee or chai tea or hot coco… no TV, no other sounds but our breathing and fingers turning pages of a book. And every once a while, look up, and have a meaningful conversation.

My happiness is to swim in the sea, looking at beautiful (and delicious) fish and corals, for hours and hours. Feeling free, not burden, almost like flying. Feeling the current, warm and cool water at the same time, the heat of the sun on my back, no other sounds but water and the living creatures inside it.

My happiness is to sit in a coffee shop, talking about nonsense, laughing at absurd ideas, eating beautiful cakes and sipping good coffee.

My happiness is to tend to a small herb garden, where I can pick them anytime when I feel like cooking, and smell the beautiful wet dirt and mixture of herbs.

I read at someone else’s blog that broke men should not date, because they cannot go out and have fun. I should’ve told him that to be with someone, money should be the least of the problem. My happiness is to know that I don’t need anyone else and other things in life, when the person sitting across the kitchen counter is my whole world.

I am amazed on how I’ve changed and have better focus on running toward my happiness… even if one day, I will sit by myself, I know that I can afford lots of mirror in my house so I can always look up and see someone looking back at me with all the love in the world and definitely going to be interested to whatever I’m saying!



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