Bitchiness is not a Crime

Just another woman who try to look wise

The self brand

I was talking to a client and telling them the importance of building a good, strong and clear positioning. Almost like lecturing them… Oh boy, I pretend to be an expert in branding and shit.

Then, on my way to the mall (because it is Star Wars opening day!!) I share a ride with a friend.. A colleague.

Talking about the same client and how they are doing their brand unjust, and about housewives. Then it hits me… This friend of mine, she has a very clear positioning as a woman. Not the most desirable of an Indonesian woman, clear nonetheless.

She is an independent, mature, and career woman. She conveys herself clearly, she doesn’t try to be a proper housewife or even an ideal Indonesian female.

While my versatility puts me in a weird position… When I thought, I am an ideal woman. I earn my own living, I cook and manage things like a goddess. I don’t have a clear positioning, thus my own brand is blurred. How can I met anyone when I am too complicated?
Or I should say… Unclear positioning.

Well, I might as well accept that I will not get a suitable mate or I should rebrand myself…

Naah… Rebranding is too much effort and far too expensive for my marketing budget.

Now, let’s just enjoy the ride until me, my brand fade away in abyss.


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