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Another end of a chapter


The last sight of Kuala Lumpur, just before I left her…
Okay, I have to be honest, I wasn’t really sure that I managed to survive it for a whole year… And actually made an impression! I have left my foot print at the right patches and corners.

I have no regrets.

I left with my head up high and warm heart with lots of hugs and kisses from new friends.

It was an awesome and plentiful experiences for me… I learn to be a KL girl, talk, walk and act like one.

I learn that Indonesia is BRILLIANT in term of integrating multiple races and ethnicities into one soul… We are proud to be Indonesians.
I met new friends, I have new life, I found new self…

Funny that people kept asking me, what is Indonesia’s national dish? Eh? We don’t have one, right?
I am so proud saying that from one corner to the other corner, you will find different types of food. We do have different ethnic languages, but as long as we speak in Bahasa Indonesia, everyone would understand us.

I used to think that Indonesians are shallow and narrow minded… Well, we aren’t that bad. There’s always room for improvements, but not that bad at all.

So I close down my Malaysia chapter… I am back eating awesome food again and talking my language again, but…
I can’t wait for my next adventure… I can’t wait to meet new people, new culture and definitely new food!

Where oh where will faith guide me…


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