Bitchiness is not a Crime

Just another woman who try to look wise

Being a (not so) young female in Kuala Lumpur… must be blue collar or working at a pub, right?

After contemplating so long, I decided to buy a new waterproof camera. And of course since my dear sister have been nagging me to check the price of a Vaio Pro comp at Low Yat Plaza (supposedly the cheapest IT center in SEA)…

So I went to Low Yat Plaza alone! Since today was unusually hot, so I decided to be somewhat like the locals, I wear my shorts and sporty sleeveless top.

I went to one store to another… checking the one to give me the best price! Maybe I don’t look like someone with money, because most of them don’t really try to sell me anything. But they are quite nice enough to tell me the price and some comparisons 🙂

So, I reached to the 3rd shop and this one gave me the cheapest from the other 2 shops (and because I am too lazy to walk around in that crowded plaza), so I decided to buy it from them.

The shop keeper, a guy, ask me where I came from. I answer Indonesia, and again he ask, you come for holiday or work here? I said, I work here. And another question, where? I said, Bukit Damansara. And then…. the big question, “You work at a pub?”

He???? I said, I’m a researcher. And I ask, “Do I look like working in a pub?”, he just grinned away.

Yeah, sure. Indonesian chick, must be a whore!

I can’t believe the perception is just very low here. Even one of our office girl (lady), think that too. The first days I was in, I saw her passport, and it was Indonesian. So I ask her, “Hey, you’re Indonesian?” (in Bahasa Indonesia of course), she was kinda reluctant to answer, I said, “I’m Indonesian too”. Aaaannnddd… bitterly she answered, “There’s no Indonesians working in office (as white collar she meant)”. Then I said, “But I am Indonesian”, and I walked away… I was too shocked at that time.

Whenever I said that I’m Indonesian, a lot of people give me that smirk or dirty look. Luckily, I often dress well and wear proper make-ups. So, whenever I met people after work, they don’t give that look. But, on weekends like this. With my relaxed clothes and no make-ups, only God knows what they thought of me. I don’t want to start walking around with tights, heels and make-up on weekends! It’s the only time I can be free and not to worry about my look.

Well, because a lot of white collar Indonesian people would not come and work here, because you-know-why. The image of Indonesian worker became tainted. It seems they (Malaysians) thought, no one in Indonesia is talented enough.

Well, what can I say… (I-should-not-say-anything-right-now)


March 2, 2014 - Posted by | B*tching, Indonesia, Social, Women, Work, Work place

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