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New life, new beginning

Starting my own life in a new city, a new country… it’s not as easy as I thought it would. But after 3 months living in Kuala Lumpur, it’s not bad… but not as grand as I thought.

I have my own comfortable loft apartment, not as big as I originally desired… but after cleaning the house on the first day – I have no complain at all!! Every inch of my body ache and scream at me and I spent the whole day to get the place sparkling clean. You see, it’s a brand new apartment, meaning it’s just finished from being build. So the dust and all the debris from the construction were still there.

I spent a whole lot of money to get some additional furniture (the place is HALF furnished – yes, I know… it’s not a brilliant idea, but I got the full satisfaction of decorating it according to my taste), and of course 3/4 of the amount of the money goes to my kitchen setup 🙂

I was getting it ready for guests and visitors which I often got when I was still in Jakarta. Oh boy, was I wrong about it. Most said that my house was too far away (it’s like more than 30 minutes away, oh so far…. d’oh!) and of course, I found out that house visits are not a common culture here 😦

A friend of mine said that I should’ve tried to find friends… well… I think she’s right. But, I got a big problem with that… I don’t want to mingle with only Indonesians and it proven to be difficult to enter the social life here since they segregated themselves into 3 main races. And if you don’t really belong to either one, then you are probably not quite welcomed.

To be honest, I don’t quite feel fit to mingle with the Bumiputera, and the Chinese is more comfortable to converse in Cantonese which of course I know nothing of the language, and the Indian… they are a small group of the population and I think most of them don’t speak English that well. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I am learning Malay language each and everyday (trust me, it is a huge different from Bahasa Indonesia), but of course I need people who can exchange thoughts with me clearly and with less difficulties.

So, the grand entrance was made… and I know I made some people REALLY upset with my scheme – yes, it’s a scheme. Sorry dude, you screw me, then I am going to screw you so bad that it’ll hurt ’till…. well, you got the picture :). Well, that’ll be a different story all together, and I might write about it one day.

Apparently, being an Asian expat is not easy. Especially when your other countrymen are mainly bluecollar workers. But that didn’t get me down at all. Everyone deserve an equal chance, and this is my chance. A bright new beginning, leaving all the bitter people behind… and I just pray for them that the radiation treatment for their cancer can help them to be better people and heal their twisted mind all together. Amen


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