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Office Politics

I had the privilage of experiencing ‘office politics’ first hand.

I am now officially at law dispute with my office.

The funny thing is… this whole thing started from a person who claimed over and over again that there is no office politics in that company… oh the irony, my dear, you are the queen of irony.


So what is ‘office politics’? Like all politics, it is dirrrrteeee!!! One person tried to over-thrown other person and in rolled out and become uuugggleee

It is very interesting, I don’t hate them. I actually enjoy this experience (I am not convinced that I am crazy).

They started a campaign against me… little old me 🙂

Trying to negate me.

But, what they should learn from politics around the worlds and for centuries… you cannot directly say anything negative about your opponent 🙂

When you do, people will start to question and look for the opponent to retaliate. And when the opponent didn’t retaliate, people will start to think… why do they do that?

My partner told me, don’t play chess with them. Let them do whatever, you should not be lured to play their game. And I didn’t 😀

I am just looking from a far, looking at them digging their own graves… lies on top another lies – such a pretty sight!



November 4, 2013 - Posted by | B*tching

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