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Leaving my life behind

It is official…

I am leaving.

Before this happens to me, I always thought leaving everything that I have in this chaotic city would be so easy.
When I saw how easy people moved from a country to another country, I said to myself that’s an easy thing to do – I can do it myself!

But I guessed, I started a bit too late. I have a whole life here… and I decided to leave everything behind.
I am in denial… my days are numbered (literally, I only have a few more days to clear everything out). And I still haven’t packed. I don’t know how to put 34 years of my life in 2 suitcases…


One last birdeye view of the city

I tried to catch up with many of my friends… until I tried to do so, I’ve nevere realised the many friends I had. I can’t meet all of them, even in the whole 3 months time… there’s always someone who I still couldn’t meet.
I am truly blessed with all the friendship, love, laughter, and shared tears.
I don’t think I could’ve asked for more… thank you friends…

We’re just 2 hours flight away, and I know our paths entwined with each others.

I am more than happy to see their enthusiasm hearing my new adventure… and they immediately booked their tickets. Amazing friends… while I am still here, they’ve got tickets to visit me soon.

It must’ve been lonely to live without friends or just a few friends…


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