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Fail-proof program

Human is an amazing organism. And what is more amazing of us, is our brain.

At the same time it evolved and improve itself, it also have an ancient fail-proof programs embedded.

Talking to various people, I had this hypothesis… But before we talk more about it, let’s go from the begining.


Apparently, there are two major types of people. 

1. Those who believed that life can only be complete with a child

2. Those who have doubts if they have the capability to raise a child


And forgive me for being judgemental, but it seems those who have doubts usually have thought of the responsibilities and the chances of them bringing up a proper and good child of their own.

Not to mention, the challenge of the outside world that can ‘damage’ the child. One wrong act or word can scar a child for life… 

Therefore, life (I would say God) put a fail-proof ancient program in our brain…. it is called ‘love’. It can make a logical person turns to irrational, though not all got to experience love. But it was embedded in our brain to ensure the survival of the human race.

Imagine if people start thinking the same way, that it was close to impossible to raise a child properly since there is no such thing as a sterile environment. And you cannot predict the child’s temprament or nature until you have the child in your hand.

Imagine if less and lesser people would want to have a child. And at the end, the human race would ceased to exist in this world. (Though I think it would be a lot better if we have more people with less attachement to love, since we are on the brink of food crisis)

The program is just amazing!!! No one refuse to have the program in their brain since the reward it gave to ourselves, it made us feel alive and better about ourselves. 

Unfortunately, those who have doubts of having a child of their own, caused the population explotion. Why? If they only procreate and thought their children of their way of thinking, then we would have a controlled population. Instead of having 5 children, they would CHOOSE to have just one or two – which perfect to replace the existance of the parents. Maintaining population to the current population.


But of course, that’s only theory – since I am one of those who doubts (and have no children of my own), I am too guilty of the sin not teaching the world to think and re-think of procreation.


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