Bitchiness is not a Crime

Just another woman who try to look wise

Life’s twists and turns

Maybe I am just a crazy old bitch…

Maybe I took too much of antidepressants…

Maybe I need some rewiring on my head…

But, I am happy now.
Many of my friends don’t believe me… so sweet of them to worry about me. They are worried that I’ll be having another breakdown.
They are worried if I would be having depression.
They are worried if I couldn’t find a job.

A lot of them offered their hand… for the Almighty is fair and just. I am really touched and moved by their gestures.
For my entire life, I have never felt as grateful as I am now.

Life’s little twists and turns have opened up a new horizon for me…

Some people are there to deliver us a hard lesson, and I believe it with all my heart, that it is God’s test to see whether we are ready for the next stage of life.
And I am glad I met such people.

They taught us to stay humble (humility is priceless), they taught us to smile and stand tall even when the weight of life come crushing.
They taught us to bow gracefully…

(Now I truly believes that I took too much of those happy-pills)

I think many stand disbelieve seeing me this way, considering that I am the most hot-headed person they knew and unstable!!

I am the first who disbelieve this actually… each and everyday, every time I woke up. I fear that my feelings would change, I fear the world would go back to that awful place I knew.

It is still that awful place.
But everytime I doubt myself, God lead me to another turn and renewed my beliefs and I found peace.

Such a wrong thing to write in a bitch’s blog.

But, how can I complained? My life is wonderful.
I feel loved.

And I feel sorry for those who cannot be thankful for what God has given them.

I was them.

I knew who they are.

I lived their life.

I now feel like a butterfly coming out from the cocoon.

I am happy, free and at peace.

(I am sure now, I took too much of those happy-pills)

You, you who you are…
Make peace with youselves, forgive youselves.
Go where the turns take you.

Aikido wisdom: injuries you inflict to you opponents only injured yourself


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