Bitchiness is not a Crime

Just another woman who try to look wise


Everywhere we turn, everything we see screaming at us: BUY! BUY!

We believe that the only way to actualize ourselves is through the things we wear, use, eat and drink.

There was a time when being a hipster is a huge trend… still going on.
But I can predict that in the near future that being ‘non mainstream’ will be a huge trend.

For the simple reason, people want to have an identity.

When you follow the trend, your identity become blurred in the clutter of marketing world.
At the end, you want to be recognized and you want to meant something.

Since we are living in the world of marketing, the brands are screaming self identity.
Then you pick up the mark of identity.

Thus, being non mainstream is the new mainstream.


Oh, if only you know how marketers feel soon… 😀


August 12, 2013 - Posted by | Consumerism, Research

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  1. Yep, people are selling but people do not necessarily to be always the buyer.

    To be a hipster or not to be? 😀

    Consumerism is a universal way of life which the American eases the path with credit card system and of course multi financing schemes. Long time ago, I have learnt that people has sold their “future” for today by maximizing any financing opportunity and the easiest way is (of course) credit card. I tell you one shocking story. I knew one guy who works as a marketing manager in the commercial banking of the largest foreign bank in the world. One day he came to me to ask for my help by paying of ONE OF his one month minimum payment billing for more than IDR10,000,000. I asked him, how many credit cards did he have? He said that he had 7 platinum credit cards (from 3 or 4 different banks) at that time. Uffff, I did not even bother to ask more since this guy was definitely in a deep trouble and I did not want to know how much the total of his debt outstanding from the total 7 platinum credit cards. It is beyond my understanding on how could a person in a manager level could mess up his own financial condition would have a reputable career as a banker who analyze companies’ financial portfolio? And this guy is not alone, I tell you. So, it really is consumerism at a lethal level and its finest moment.

    Mainstream. Which mainstream are you talking about? Android and iOS users would be much different with WinPhone / Nokia and Blackberry users. Even iOS users are much different to Android users. Users of Honda Jazz would be different with users of Toyota Yaris or Mazda 2 and Ford Fiesta. And fans of Mercedes would also be different with fans of BMW. Massimo Dutti fans would be different with Armani ones. Even Zara has a different marketing / product map strategy compared to Topman (Topshot) and Next or Gap for example. Canon or Nikon? Or Sony mirror-less camera? Or you go nuts for a Hasselblad? You can go on and on for items such bags, shoes, watches even dining places and top-notch favorite vacations. Even for a simple daily life style, i.e the common phrase of “beer and sausages” versus “wine and cheese”. To add the complexity to the each choice of life style (for example) for wine, you have to learn about Sauvignon, Shiraz or Merlot and of course, there would be abundant types of cheese, Camembert anyone? Or blue cheese? What about alcohol? Vodka vs Martini or Whiskey? Absolute vs Grey Goose?

    Self identity. A strong character would be easy to define his/her self-identity by performance rather than appearance. A strong character would not confuse his/her self identity between performance and appearance. They reflects their strong performance by carefully selecting his/her favourite brand and model as well as lifestyle to accommodate their performance. If somebody does not have a strong character, then it would be easy for that person to fall in trap of consumerism since he/she just want everything which sadly he/she sometimes could not afford it. Sometimes I met some people whom have / wear an expensive products but actually they are clueless. They have (buy) things just because they have money (or credit cards 😉 and problems later) but they do not know how to live well but not out of proportion.

    You do quite hit the nail in the head by saying that people will try to actualize themselves in the way how they dress and what / where do they eat. I did understand what are you trying to say: non-mainstream will be the new mainstream for the sake of self-identity.

    But I need to beg to differ in the sense that, nowadays, people have so many selections and options of mainstream products to differentiate their character as reflected of their own self-identity. Not to establish the non-mainstream to be the new mainstream.

    I am not really in the marketing field, but my previous jobs has required me to learn that in USA (as the basic benchmark of the world), a product have to be able to break the USD100 selling price barrier to be able to go mainstream. I do not know the USD100 in USA will translate (based on purchasing power parity) to be how much in IDR as mainstream pricing requirement.

    But of course, one could always argue that one mainstream is a non-mainstream for others, especially if we talk about different group of people. To take the current latest hot issue is the iPhone for example. Analysts have debated for so long that Apple needs to go mainstream with iPhone by adopting its iPod strategy (i.e many products that address different price levels that hit different target of people). The analysts have criticized that the iPhone will alway be a premium product and will be eaten alive by Android since Android is the mainstream products. Sure, if you argue based on the USD100 mainstream price barrier, then the iPhone would be a great fail product. But given it has its own audience, I believe that iPhone is a success story and a phenomenal product that changes the landscape of smartphone.

    And do you think Blackberry (with its BBM) as the mainstream product would save the company formerly known as RIM? Ironically … NO.

    In the end, am I “that” idealistic if I wanted to see a good marketer work together with a good company which has a good brand with a good products and or services to educate the (prospective and existing) customer about the which product and or services that suit them the most. Hence could assist the customer to avoid to fall in the consumerism trap.

    You are indeed an interesting character who has a very well awareness to your surroundings and not so many people who gives enough time to think like you do for sure. But as I have mentioned earlier, “Do not let your mind playing tricks on you”.

    So do you consider yourself as a hipster? 🙂

    Comment by skeptical.loop | August 18, 2013 | Reply

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