Bitchiness is not a Crime

Just another woman who try to look wise

There’s a bit of craziness in everyone of us

Talking to a friend of mine who was diagnosed with ‘bipolar disorder’… I remember when I was in my manic-depressive state… It was a 10 months depression!!! I remember just wanting to wear black (not gothic I tell you) and cry my heart out…

So I almost don’t remember what pulled me out, until I talked to this friend of mine…

As this friend, is a non believer… and the doctor was keep urging on religion and god… and my friend got irritated, but can’t do anything about it since the medication and therapy are still on going.

I remember, this is why I said to many “I’ve found my answers in Islam”

And if you ask me what answer… I don’t even remember the questions!!! LOL… it’s not that kind of answer, yeah?!

But I remember how religion and god help me back on my feet and everything just… like nothing happened!

So I was talking about this to my other friend… in scientific logic, I’m just shifting my ‘disorder’ into some other ‘disorder’ (or making it worst?!?)

From cyclothymic into schizophrenia (hallucination)…

I do believe that everyone of us need to be a little bit of ‘crazy’, since human is a material and imaginary being… we have our ‘realistic world’ and we have our ‘imaginary world’ (our mind?!?!). S to have weight in both sides will make us a ‘healthy’ human being I think… you can’t be all realistic, it is so inhuman… and you can’t be all mental, it’s just plain crazy!!



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