Bitchiness is not a Crime

Just another woman who try to look wise

Sad and Lonely


I can’t help to smile when I heard those words came from one who I thought know me better…

I am describe as sad and lonely… maybe I was… but I know for sure that I am bitter and cut-throat (-bitch, if you want)


The funny part for me is that I’ve been happy and content for quite some time now… I have found what I want – (or you can say who I want), and we’ve been quite open… not that we proclaim anything… it’s that kind of relationship. We don’t need social approval 😉

If she would describe me as bitter and sharp-mouth or even cut-throat, I couldn’t agree more!! I got many disappointments in life and I am upset that I cannot set the world according to ME… 😀


And the sad part is… she was one my confidants… she ought to know, right?

Well… you thought you know the people you love and grow up with, you couldn’t be more wrong!

Okay… I admit, I tend to be attracted to sad and lonely people, why? because they usually are logical and not blurred by “happy hormones” and deluded by happiness… and they can see the angles I like 🙂


And am I so wrong to like befriend with them? I am sorry that they are sad and lonely, but they are the best people I want to be with… I don’t want to be deluded with the promise of happiness and sorts, I am real and I like facts… yes, I am cold 🙂

I don’t laugh easily, not easy to entertain me, not easy to engage me, I don’t like around happy people… they dream too much, and they believe too much on themselves…


But sad and lonely?

I remember being sad when I decided to end some of my (exciting) relationships… or when I remember the guy who brought emotional tornado in me… or if thinking I cannot see my better half anymore…

I can feel lonely… when thinking about my dad – I feel I’m all alone, when I was in my former office… when I know everyone is but an enemy… I do feel lonely when I have to pull up my blanket in my single bed after seeing my better half…


I can’t help to smile… my choice of music should’ve tell more about my feelings and emotional condition, eh?



June 8, 2011 - Posted by | B*tching, Friendship, Women


  1. Great….., those confirm that you are a purely woman………..
    One could never know the happiness without sadness….
    would never respect togetherness without an emptiness……
    would never appreciate company without experiencing lonely…………
    I am very sure, you are the one that man looks for and needs most…..

    best rgds

    Comment by irawandanuningrat | July 21, 2011 | Reply

  2. and what made me a woman? I thought that was human nature?

    Comment by Miss Cynic | August 5, 2011 | Reply

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