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Fablehaven: a book review

Fablehaven is a series of books written by Brandon Mull, 5 series to be exact.

I really can’t say much about it, except that it is a hard book!
Hard to put down once you start reading it, hard not to enjoy, hard not to love.

For these kind of books, Fablehaven is a steal with only US$ 8. It is an affordable pleasure.

The story of Fablehaven set up in a modern world, however it is an old school fairytale. With all the magical creatures we knew from when we were a child. But don’t get fooled, it is not a book only for kids. Reading Mull’s books is surely brings back the good memory of our childhood, and pleases me as an adult.

The thing about this story is that you will feel enchanted, but unlike Harry Potter that makes you emphatised and fell for the character, Fablehaven allows you to stay as an observer. Whilst in Harry Potter, I don’t want the story to end, this story actually gives me satisfaction to see the end of a very good story. It is a matter of quenched and unquenched.

There is no spoils in this review, all I’m gonna say is that this book is a gem in fantasy genre.
A must read for fantasy lovers.


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