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Just because you don’t know what to do with your life…

You think marriage is the answer, only because it is the one thing that you haven’t done yet!

Last night, my highschool sweetheart come by my house. He then openly stating his interest of marrying me in front half of family – mom included.
Of course my mom rejoice in that intention… while me… I was quite upset! How dare he! (But I think again, he could be my nice cover up)
So I let him stay until late and we talk… to be honest, I almost couldn’t stand of his ignorance, and how can he be so fucking proud of it!! How can anyone be ignorance and proud? — oh right, it’s called ego.

And he dared to say that I am not smarter than he is! HA! If I’m not smarter than a severe ex junkie, then I probably have the IQ of a chimpanze.

We talked… or should I rather say, I was furiously ranting until almost 2 AM. (Excellent move knowing that I have an early day the next day)

The whole night, he was trying to convinced me into marriage, and trying to flatter me with compliment of beauty and brain… he got the half right and went wrong all the way the other half – nothing I resent more than beauty evaluation.

So when I walk him to the door, he tells me… “I don’t know what else to do, so why don’t we get married” – excellent excuse to say to your spiteful ex girlfriend.
Why does he have to drag me along when he don’t know what to do with his life?
Just because you don’t know what else to do, it really doesn’t mean that marriage is something you ought to try!!!!
I do feel at lost – most of the times, but you will not hear me asking anyone to marry me of that reason!

I then think of the things my other friends said… “what else you want in life, why don’t you try your hand in marriage… you’ve never tried it, it might be for you” haaaaaaa….

Is it me or those people are just… idiotic? Marriage is not some kind of shoes you can try it on and take it off when you feel it didn’t fit you. It’s an act of self devotion and sacrifice – yes, sacrifice!! Have you ever see anyone stays the same as they were when you know them from pre-marriage???


January 13, 2011 - Posted by | B*tching, Life in General, Marriage, Men


  1. Sometimes, less knowledge on something is more interesting and fascinating than having too much knowledge about it before….

    Sama halnya dengan pertunjukan sulap, jangan sekali-kali kita tahu rahasia dan trik2 persulapan atau kita kehilangan kepuasan saat menontonnya. Dengan mengetahui trik2nya, sespektakular apapun sebuah pertunjukan sulap, justru semakin kental kita rasakan kebohongannya…

    Perkawinan, menurut saya justru menarik tatkala dijalani, dibanding dipelajari…….

    Que sera sera… what ever will be will be.. 😉

    Comment by Irawan Danuningrat | January 15, 2011 | Reply

    • Hahahahahahhaaha… mungkin yah mas, tapi saya bukan tipe orang yg mau membabi-buta melakukan hal2 yg sulit untuk di-reset and replay.
      Buat saya, macam pernikahan itu once in a life time. Either you failed or striving to get it right… ga ada yg bener2 sukses until… death do us apart 😉

      Comment by Miss Cynic | January 16, 2011 | Reply

  2. “Have you ever see anyone stays the same as they were when you know them from pre-marriage???” -> is there any one who really stay the same all their life? isn’t human just loved to change due to our learning? Hey that’s life as long you thinks you are to the right direction, then change is a good thing Tan 🙂

    Comment by Freddy | January 16, 2011 | Reply

    • Trust me freddy… no body likes changes – it is the source of life’s turmoils!
      But, I do agree that we are not the SAME person who we are 1 second ago.
      Yet, no body is unpredictable… we all are moving in a pattern, sama kaya jalanan deh… walau ada yg berlubang2, ga diaspal, ada bumps, etc etc… tp they all heading a certain direction.

      Kok gw rambling ga nyambung yah?

      Eniwei, intinya, marriage itu another fork in life path. And it is a choice, let me get that right… a free choice one can make. And you ought to know where that path will lead you, or else you will end up in a never ending circle… or nyasar ke tempat2 tergelap… or nyasar ke the best place ever… it’s kinda gambling kl elu ga perhitungkan bukan? I don’t gamble! I calculate the risks…

      Comment by Miss Cynic | January 16, 2011 | Reply

  3. hai there are you? 😉

    posting ini menarik sekali hihihi..
    eniwey, i do agree with you, menikah itu bukan gambling, hrs siap dg tantangan dan resikonya..berani nikah berani bertanggung jwb dg pilih tsb,bukan cm krn itu hal yg blm dilakukan.. you go girl !!! cuekin aja org mau blg apa, as long as we are happy ,so what gitu loooh? *ok bahasa gw udh kyak ababil -abg labil- but you know laaaah* 😉

    Comment by yoana | May 25, 2011 | Reply

    • Thank you mbak…
      Life is a choice, and I choose not to be married with ‘just’ anyone… IF it happens, it’ll happened on my term…

      Kapaaaaan mau janjian euy…

      Comment by Miss Cynic | May 30, 2011 | Reply

      • soal ketemuan..atur aja,jeng hep..dimana saja kpn ga kpn aja sih, kl jam malem ngantuk,bo..umur gw ga nipu LOL

        Comment by yoana | June 8, 2011

      • hahahaha…. umur aku masih 18 lhoo mbak… 😉

        yo wis, ntar tak takon kanca2… kapan mau ketemuan 🙂

        Comment by Miss Cynic | June 10, 2011

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