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My baby sister talking of marriage

Just last week I found out that my baby sister has talked to my mom that her NEW BF wants to marry her and take her to UK when he is doing his doctoral degree.

First when I heard that, I told my mom that I wouldn’t stand in her way if that is what she wants… well it is in the Javanese tradition that the younger sister cannot marry before the older siblings, unless the older siblings allows. Of course, not wanting to be seen as an old bitter old spinster, I instantly give way.

And then it strikes me… “how old is she???” – yes, I’m a very bad sister, I don’t remember her age.
I was told that she’s 23!!! Holy macarony!!
She’s just a baby.

So I told my mom, that I wouldn’t against the marriage of my younger sibling if it happens before mine’s. HOWEVER, I strongly disagree to have her married at her current age.
I mean with the indonesian culture we’re living in, at her age, life has just begin. We’re just starting to get a hold of what is life, finding out what we want in life, enjoying the first money we’re making, looking for the right job, meeting new and exciting people… I don’t want to clip her wings and unable to experience all the good things that can only be enjoyed by single people.. FREEDOM, CAREFREE, TIME TO THINK…. and so on.
By 24, she’ll be bound to wife duty. To bear a child, to take care a grown baby (husband), to forget about her dreams (if she has any)…

Though some thinks that she has comes to the age, marriage is not like dating someone when you feel you had enough, you can walk away.

And then my friend D told me that many of her friend’s colleague got married at young age… and now they are divorcees.
At 23, I thought I figured life. But as I grew… more mature, I realised that I have no idea about life.
It is sad for me to see my baby sister is getting ready to enter an abyss, and she do it willingly.. if only she knows what life got in store for her.


December 28, 2010 - Posted by | Children, Family, Indonesia, Life in General, Marriage

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  1. well you just inspired me too start my own blog and i had to say a thank you to you for that.thank you once again!

    Comment by wedding party | January 10, 2011 | Reply

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