Bitchiness is not a Crime

Just another woman who try to look wise

The quiet life

My first morning in a real Solo household…
I first open my eyes at 6 am, being used to the way living in Jakarta, where I have to wake up early and start my day with struggling through the heavy traffic of Jakarta.
But here, at 6 am… I couldn’t hear anyone outside my bedroom.
So I thought, I might as well sleep a little longer.
At 6.30 am, again I open my eyes trying to listen any sound from outside my bedroom… nothing.
Okay… more sleep for me.
7 am, no sound? Lying awake in my bed… well, shut my eyes again.. but kinda feeling restless… yet, it’s more sleep for me!
7.30 am… my mobile phone rings. My friend H, and tells me he’s going to pick me up in an hour. Okay then…

I got up and walk out from my room, I couldn’t see anyone. But I hear in the bathroom there’s someone. And I make my way to the kitchen, ah… the househelper is there. I ask for coffee, she said something in Javanese… and I think she said the water is not boiled yet, and she’ll make one after the water is done. I said thank you in Javanese – hmm… I hope I did right.
I return to my room and wait for a few minutes and then she call out that the coffee is ready.

I took my coffee and go back to my room, getting myself a cigarette… and with coffee and cigarette in my hands, I walk to the porch. Looking for a place to puff my morning ciggy and sipping my coffee… not finding a secluded place, I return to the house, back in. My room… thinking, calculating… (I don’t know if it’s okay to smoke in front of my father’s cousin)

So I took my book and with all the same equipment, I got to the porch, sitting and smoke my ciggy. Until a vegetable vendor came with her motorcycle. So I put it off… at least I have my morning nicotine. I feel uneasy with all the quietness…

And my aunt came out and she’s looking neat, ready to go.

Suddenly.. at 8.10, everyone comes to life.

I can hear the busy street, the neighbours making cleaning noise, and the house begins to come to life.

I don’t know whether I can keep up with a laid back life as this is


December 24, 2010 - Posted by | In between, Indonesia, Life in General, Social

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