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The oil curse

First before I begin at all, to the people who knows me and to all of my friends… please don’t be offended. I have this questions and ideas in my head, and I just need to let it out. Therefore my dearest friends, don’t see this writing as me judging you or the people you love.

As I browse through facebook – yes I am a facebook user. I saw some of my school friends, I remember them as the popular kids in school… I remember how they move ahead of other people. They have the latest fashion items, high end shoe brands – where I can only dream wearing them, gone to the hottest joint in town, hanging out with celebrities… oh, their life looks so perfect.
I was under their shadows, unseen, an outcast and feels like I have a huge hump on my back. (They make fun of me, treating me like a leper and a doormat).
I secretly imagine myself to be able to enter their circle and maybe become one of them. I mean with me in that circle, I can easily get close to my crushes… they don’t belong there, but being the cool kid of course give me a leverage of being wanted by boys, hence increase my market price.

Back to facebook… while I browse through their faces, it comes to my mind… “it’s just like in the movies, where geeks made it to the heap of their careers and become successful… and the popular kids are still living in their parents’ basement
Those cool kids, it seems… their life is still holding on to the past, now they are an unknown DJ, work as event organiser, bank customer service, unemployed, in-betweens… and so on and so on.
When I open their facebook page, I was expecting that I would still feel the same envy as I was a kid. I would see that they’re working in some oil company, or become a bigshot at some multinational company, or owning their own company, or anything that I am not.
But… in fact, I was surprised… I feel… sorry to say this, sad.

Of course they are still pretty, but not looking young…

I feel… a bit luckier than them – and to think that I grudge about my work, my salary, my lifestyle…

So when I chat on messenger with my friend Fr, I mention this… and he asked me, have you heard about ‘the oil curse’? (In my head, I was thinking about snake oil, olive oil, coconut oil… what??? Enchantment??) Of course he wasn’t talking about those kind of oils. He was talking about mined oil.
And this is what told me…
You know that the countries that have oil are the most prosperous countries in the world, right?
Because they are already rich, they just sit there and enjoy life until their oil wells dried up. And they didn’t develop their other industries.
While the countries that don’t have oil, develop themselves by work their ass off (please note, this is not how he say it – but it sounds more dramatic when put that way).

Unfortunately since it’s late and I need to go home, we didn’t finish the conversation. But I think I got what he’s trying to say.

Those popular kids, they feel like their life has been laid there for them and they don’t need to work hard and try hard to get what they want. They just don’t feel the need to develop themselves to the fullest and I think they thought life would be as easy as they feel. And upon entering the real life, their main competence is to enjoy their life, they never have to struggle to achieve what they want… (I think I also share a similar trait – learning was always easy for me, I took it as granted, hence I often stumble upon road block)

And the common people, the mockery objects, they’ve excel in life because they have overcome their hardship in early life. Whatever they face, they will always find a way out, because when they are young, they are trained to do that.

It is true, you can’t have it all… knowing all these, I feel grateful of my upbringing, I am glad that my daddy didn’t treat me like a little princess – in fact all of us are treated like little paupers!

I hope this can be a learning for all of us. Spoil your child, you have condemed your child to a future you are trying to avoid for them.

Again my friends, though I feel a bit luckier, but be assure, I am still that outcast that you mock and the trauma has ruined me for life. There is no win-win situation in this.


December 21, 2010 - Posted by | B*tching, Children, In between, Life in General, Philosophy, Social, Work place


  1. Hey, that is rude, things about “ass”! It so uneducated things to say 😀 … Hahaha you got the point alright 😉

    Comment by Freddy | January 16, 2011 | Reply

    • You can read it as ‘butt’ if you please…
      Thanks for the thought contribution.
      Freddy is the sole contributor for the ‘oil curse’ paradigm… I can’t mention the other contributors for the sake of being decent 😉

      Comment by Miss Cynic | January 16, 2011 | Reply

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