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Hollywood love story

I kinda fed up with hollywood typical love story… it is where most of the time, ended happy and everyone is a winner.

1. A girl playing hard to get, the guy would chase her like she’s the messiah that can save him from himself.
In reality, when you’re playing hard to get, the would probably take that as a rejection and he carries on with his life. You of course ends up regretting missing out on that chance of probably meeting the one in your life.

2. Years of waiting, will open his/her eyes that you are the one.
While in fact, if you do that, you would be most certain waiting in vain. That person after those years (of you waiting), could already having a child, or divorce twice, or if you are lucky… forgets completely about you.

3. Love is the one true salvation in life.
Oh give me a break!! You can love a serial axe killer with all your might, but that person will always be a killer. In matter of fact, you could be his next victim.

4. To sacrifice for love, is the ultimate prove of love.
Really? You expect me to believe that? To sacrifice one most important thing in your life, such freedom, dreams, happiness, etc. Can prove that? That only proves that you only mentally instable!

5. Love will show you the way.
Where? Love is really a blind faith. You can’t ever predicts where it’ll take you… if you really believes that, then you most certain will end up in mental institution.

Is there anything that I left out in hollywood love style?


December 19, 2010 - Posted by | B*tching, Life in General, Love, Movie

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