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Life’s little wonders

Most of us have taken lots of things in our daily life as granted. We often miss out on the wonders life have… just this morning, after I did my weekly laundry, I realised how much white clothes facinates me. I believe there’ll be nothing wrong with white colour. Wear them daily, to a party, to a funeral, to work… it always work!
Not that most of my clothes are white, in fact if I look around, my wardrobe seems swarming with dark colours… and light blue.
And the while writing this, I look out my window, I just love how the trees bathe in sunlight.
Then there I am, in my bedroom… surrounded by all the luxury I ever wanted. Books, clothes and shoes… how can one ask for more? Yeah, I don’t have TV in my room… I don’t see the point of having one, books are my main entertainment and I always make sure that I have enough books to read – every several months I bought 6 – 12 books to ensure that.
I remember when I was little, my parents limits the things I want most… aside that they have 5 kids who seems always want something or need something, but I believe my parents taught me to appreciate little what we have and take good care of them.
Which of course made me into a garbage collector!! I don’t throw away stuff… even my high school exam schedule is still where it sticks for the last… well, let’s just say it has been there for a very long time.
I’m lucky to have a room of my own, though now I believe none of my sisters want to share a room with me… I smoke and I pile up junks. Yeah, I also believe it has got to do with my inability to let go.
I’ll get myself sorted soon!
Back to life’s little wonders… I image kids back in my parents time, they would be thrilled with a piece of chocolate, coloured books, or even other kid’s new toy. While in our time, sad to say… instead of sharing and to have that gorgeous eyes of wonder… they would just run to their parents and throw a tantrum to get what others have. And us… the adults, I think our senses of wonder have died and we’re living like a zombie… trying to earn money as much as possible and hoping to be able to feel that amazing feeling of wonder.
To think that life’s wonders are mostly come for a small fee… it needs us to take good care of our life, family, earth, and keeping childhood’s spirit alive.


December 18, 2010 - Posted by | Children, Dream, Family, In between, Life in General, Philosophy

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