Bitchiness is not a Crime

Just another woman who try to look wise


One friend once said to me, I would never be able to write like what you write on public, I feel it’s like opening up my privacy. Or at least that is something similar like that.
I couldn’t agree more with her, though I write about things that’s going on in my head, but if I have to be honest, I kept most of myself in private. Not even my best friends know about it. For me, blogging is just a catarsys of some of the things running through my brain. And mostly, I keep my identity well hidden – at least to the strangers I met in virtual world. Please don’t be offended my dearest virtual friends… it is my way to draw the line between real life and virtual life. I don’t want to mixed them up, those are two completely different lifes.
I love blogging, it feels like writing a diary of thoughts and interacting with other people at the same time.
A few asked me how to write, I told them, just write whatever comes to your mind… write about whatever important to you… it doesn’t really matter if anyone read about it or even bother thinking the same way. It is all about getting your idea out in the world, and it doesn’t really matter if anyone disagree with you. You have a mind of your own, so does other people.
Unlike writing in a diary book – which I did that before blogging came to my life. Diary books are to be kept in the dark, it holds the darkside of each person… but it holds the danger of being discover by irresponsible eyes.
Blog is designed for public eyes… hence the nature of the writings follows.
Don’t think I’m a huge fans of myself, but I love reading some of the stuff I wrote. Brings back the memory and allows me to see how I’ve grown.
And I will not take full credit of what I wrote, it is all the result of constant and intense brain storming with mostly my best friends, some people I met at work, people I met on my travels, people who touches me everyday… even my respondents.
Some of them are not interested to write their thoughts, some of them didn’t even realised they have an idea to write it down, some of them don’t know where to begin with. So I just compile it for them…
Blogging is not evil, nor good. It is just a media to channel thoughts and ideas.
It is what you let other people to see in you… the rest, you can let it hidden if you want to.


December 18, 2010 - Posted by | Art work, In between, Life in General, Social

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