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Just another woman who try to look wise

Rain+traffic+technology = JAKARTA

Lately the traffic is unbearable… it has always bad, at least for last 15 years it got worsen.
I understand that most people are living in suburban, when it time to go home, we all want to rush home that is veeery far from where we seek our fortune.
And I totally understand, driving in the car for 2 hours can really gets boring. The music and radio shows become passé, the tireness of a day’s work is consuming, and emotions become tense.
And then we all need another entertainment for that hours we spend on the road… but what can we do while sitting and driving a car the whole time? Then… MANY people got the idea to use technology as boredom reliever… here comes the Blackberry as saviour, the messiah of heavy traffic.
(Of course I proudly say that I am not a BB user)
The more I see people using Blackberry while driving, and the effect is that they are driving even slower aaaannddd causing more traffic!!!
Those facebook maniac, bbm craze, socially deprived people… they can be attentive and caring thru their bb with the people they interact with, and forgeting the rest of the world.
I mean… come on man! If you want to arrive home as soon as possible, stop the distraction and drive like you should. Oh yeah, I forget, no one knows how to drive like they should… the concept of yielding is even alien for everyone.
I honestly annoyed with bb and how people abuse it… if some say that facebook can be the cause of affairs, try blackberry! It’s just a matter of time until it will be accused as the source of all evil. And of course, no one blames the users… we’re all innocent, we’re just the victims!


December 4, 2010 - Posted by | B*tching, Indonesia, Relationship, Social

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