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The Social Network – Movie

I just watched ‘the social network’ movie… I found it rather… plain. I don’t really see anything really special worth the fuss.
However! The reason I was interested to watch it because… some friend of mine said that the movie was rather unfair to describe Mark Zuckerberg as a jerk.
So I was intriqued…
As I watch early in the movie, I can see why he is perceived as a jerk. He was cold hearted and seems insensitive.
Then as I watched more of the movie, I totally can understand him and where he’s coming from. It’s not that he is a jerk, he’s just socially unsavvy. He’s not being tactful and cautious of his action and words.
The reason that I don’t see him as a jerk is because in that movie, he is also portrayed as someone who follow the rules to the dot – someone like that can’t be a bad guy, right?

And so I see some part of me in him… it’s like seeing a mirror and why I am ‘oh so popular’ with people. When I am comfortable with my surrounding, I tend to drop my ‘charming’ persona and say whatever comes to mind, and of course most of the time, I am very rigid with rules and regulations.
And being aloud with the secrets of our mind can create ruckus with society… real riot!!
I feel it is facinating to be able to learn about oneself from someone else…
The question is… can I prevent myself to make the same mistake all over?
Can I be socially savvy?


December 2, 2010 - Posted by | In between, Life in General, Movie, Relationship, Social

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