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Silly Competitions

People often compete for the weirdest things… I didn’t know HOW WEIRD until today…

I always thought that MEN are the ones who usually competitive and absurd in their reason for competition, but today I found out that the law of nature does not escape female also.

For many years, I know that I’ve always been a huge jerk… I might win in jerk competition (see… even for being a jerk I am competitive LOL).

But today, I am losing badly… 😀

Not as being a JERK, but by having the smallest JUNK hahaha… yes, people it’s not litter that I am talking about, instead ‘women’s junk’

Like I said, I thought MEN was silly… they boast about their ‘gun’ and feel intimidated if others have bigger ‘thing’ than theirs. I remember a friend of mine (a male friend!!) told me a story… This guy, he is a big guy. And when he spent time in Australia for his collage and Uni, he said that… “one day, when I was in a gym shower, which is communal… I thought my ‘thing’ is quite impressive. And then when I was taking a shower, the person next to me was a ‘bule’ kid. You know that we, men, actually peek and compare each other in secret. So when I look at this kid’s ‘thing’… he was big, bigger than me… I was embarrassed and I hid myself…”

I though that story was so cute, first because he is so open and actually not really ashamed to told me the story and the fact that men to COMPARE! And I thought women would never do that!! Of course you have to forgive my naiveness 😛

Today, the incident happens because I bought a bra online… which I thought it’s my regular size, but when the good arrives and I tried it on… it was one size too small for me!! I really need to go on real diet!!

So I brought the bra to the office, since I know my sisters are not that size too… and I offer it to a friend, but she said please offer it to K, I don’t think I can take care of this kind of bra.

So I did it (though I doubt K will buys it… if she does, she will only willing to pay 30% or the real price), and I help her try the chest line, it fits! but the cup… she said I’m this cup is too small for me!! and I was gagged! It’s a freaking B cup… and for me, she looks like an A cup.

And then she said, but I’m a C cup… I was bursting and ALMOST said the meanest thing… but I can restrain myself (see I’m not that mean)… K adds, “I hid it pretty well…”. Okay, WHERE can you hide a C cup boobs that glued to your chest?? Does she has a hole on her ribcage and stuffed it with her lungs??? I don’t think ANYONE would find difficulties to hide a C cup and to be missed by human eyes…

So I ask for other girl’s opinion, N… and asking the wrong girl!!

She said, “but K is quit big, she can be a C”… I was like… “what? huh? she doesn’t even have a cleavage!! (and looking down on my shirt and looking at K’s”

And this girl I asked, N, “…yes she can, I’m a C cup also”… you cannot imagine the meanest things going on in my head!!!! N is even flatter than a drawing board!!! (okay, that’s an exaggeration… but she’s flat!)

I wonder what kind of mirror these girls have at home… or they don’t even know their own size?

So I did the next meanest thing… I sent a picture of a girl with C cup… which looks like half of a melon on each side… and still K insisted that she hid it VERY WELL… WHERE damn it???? WHERE??? I really need to know the trick to hide huge boobs in case of emergency 😛

So N added, “you just can’t have to know that K is bigger than you are…”, well for one, I am NOT BLIND. And second, puuuhhhlllleeeezzzz… if you want to bullshit me, be smart, at least not with something that is OBVIOUS! I mean if K is wearing a burqa, I would agree… but she is wearing shirts that’s even tinier than my tight shirts.

Okay, I know I am bitching again…

Then I come to this conclusion, it’s not only MEN who compete and bragged about their size, but women also… I mean the existence of push-up bra, so many breast augmentation jobs and of course… those invisible breast silicone padding!!

It is in the human nature… not that because we want to exist, but the fact that bigger boobs means that you can provide sufficient milk for the infants and makes you a more eligible candidate to be chosen to bear someone’s child and in return to get shelter and being provided (so Darwinian).

Do I feel like a looser? NO, I feel like I am being offended… how can they think that I am blind????


May 1, 2010 - Posted by | B*tching, Children, Life in General, Marriage, Men, Science, Sex, Women


  1. breast augmentation procedures are very common today and i think it will become standard in the years to come’`,

    Comment by Umbilical Cord : | October 26, 2010 | Reply

    • Indeed it is common today…. but I wasn’t referring to augmentation is needed… it’s just the competition of whose having the biggest boobs.
      To think that’s only how nature shows which is the better bearer of child T_T

      Comment by hapitri | October 29, 2010 | Reply

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