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Modern day fairytale – Every girl is waiting to be saved…

Every girl is waiting to be saved by a hero, and every boy is looking for a damsel in distress to save…

That word keeps repeating in my head after I watched ‘New Moon’ – yes, you can flame me with everything you got, now that you know I’ve finally watched the ‘twilight series’.

But seeing how Bella runs into Jacob’s arm when Edward is gone, makes me realised how true the fairy tales are… every girl is a damsel in distress… somehow. One may have money problem, one may have insecurity problem, and so on…

While the boys, they think that they are the heroes who are born into this world with superpower and that they can save others, instead themselves. (In this case, I think the girls are way smarter… they can just sit around without moving a finger and a hero will come and saves the day – a typical Rapunzel character!) – I’ve watched ‘Brothers Grimm’ too!!

I know I am a cynic… not that I don’t need to be rescued, on the contrary, I am dying to be rescued. But the right hero hasn’t arrived yet.

There is one before, he only brings a sword… he managed to cut thru to the thick bushes and had to turn back home because he can’t get in the castle.

And another one, he managed to pick the lock to the castle door, but didn’t bring a flashlight to see where he is going… I actually don’t know what happened to him after he got in 😛

And another one, he came with a blazing torch on his hand, managed to climb to the 3rd floor where he found a pretty maid who gave an excellent ‘service’ and stuck there (I think they’ve got 3 kids now).

And another one, he just walks in and climbed to the room where I stayed… we looked at each other eyes and we just realised that we are not meant for each other and then he just left.

You see, the heroes that came to the tower where I am captured by the evil witch (known as ME), had not came with the right ‘equipments’ to be able to rescue me or when they do, I am not the right princess they want to save.

I guess that is what happened in real life… the men are looking for the girl who they think they can save and the women, they have different towers. Some are just common towers with a dragon, others may have a very thick stronghold with so many barricades to get through.

Can you follow me?

If you cannot, read it again until you do… just imagine it in modern day life needs.

What I’m trying to say is that finding the right tower or damsel that matches with the hero or prince’s ability and capability may takes more than just a pretty face on the tower’s window… they need to overcome the obstacles and ensure that they are carrying the right equipments and wit – in case a sphinx stands in the way and asking ridiculous questions J


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