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Ignorance is bliss

While talking to a friend of mine, who is very much laid back and take life as it is… which I envy very much of course. I realised that I was once like him… carefree, and so easy on life. Then I take a few steps back and try to remember what made me turn into this, whatever I am now… I think too much, I read too much, I analysed too much. Instead of enjoying life, I try to figure out life. Though I can explain things and understand a lot (not a whole lot), but I am not happy. The more I know, the more I feel unhappy… and the more I envy those who are unlike me. And I know now the true meaning of ‘ignorance is bliss’… it is true… what you don’t know, doesn’t hurt you… My thirst of knowledge lifts the mist of life’s illusions and opens my eyes to the vast plain of the unknown… I guess, my real life story starts with ‘sophie’s world’… it stretches my cup into a pond and the more I read… the bigger the pond becomes… or! It wakes me up that in fact I am a mere fly on the saucer’s edge? Now… I know that I can never ever be able to fill that cup, and that makes me unhappy. Anyway, this friend of mine when he knows that my heart is weary and lost, he ask me to read the Koran… and I asked him, “you mean sing the Arabic words?”… oh the naïve-ness of people… again, what you don’t know really doesn’t hurt you… But then I rethink… maybe this is God’s way of telling me, that the knowledge does put me away from people… but it is a great gift. I mean, I know more than common people… I can use that knowledge for my own good. This knowledge does not only isolate me, but it also open up a new and better path for me. Someone once told me, that God gives learning in every side of life… all we have to so is just to take learning from it, be humble therefore the knowledge will come easily. From the moment he said that, I know exactly what he was talking about… in a way, I’ve been learning and taking lessons if the things I read and talk about to people… And I thank God that my heart still belongs to God, I mean nothing in the things I learn had been against God. I got lucky I guess… my eyes were opened to God, before it opens to the world’s knowledge… or it was the way it meant to be? Who knows…


December 29, 2009 - Posted by | B*tching, In between, Philosophy, Religion, Uncategorized


  1. well… , ada benarnya pemeo tsb karena konon Tuhanpun tidak memberlakukan sanksi thd kesalahan yg diperbuat akibat ketidak tahuan…. tetapi, tidak dikenai sanksi tidak identik dengan berprestasi bukan? Prestasi apapun hanya bisa dicapai berkat kesungguhan ikhtiar dan pengetahuan.
    Tahu (pengetahuan) adalah anugrah tak ternilai dari Tuhan guna menemukan solusi atas berbagai “ujian” yg diskenariokan-Nya dlm lembaran kehidupan seseorang.
    Tanpa mengetahui bahwa obat yg pahit itu menyembuhkan mana mungkin orang mau meminumnya dan menjadi sembuh karenanya?
    Namun, guna mengoptimalkan achievement dlm pencarian, seyogianya pengetahuan intelektual ini diimbangi pula oleh pengetahuan spiritual yang diramu dengan kecerdasan emosional tanpa harus berprejudice thd motivasi agamis.

    Comment by Irawan Danuningrat | December 31, 2009 | Reply

    • exactly!!! the problem is to know, yet to understand that only a few know… or worst! only a few open up to that knowledge, while others shudder and run away from the unknown 😦
      Which makes this a lonely world to live in…

      Comment by hapitri | December 31, 2009 | Reply

  2. MET TAHUN BARU Mbak..Hi Hi Hi ..Salam Sukses

    Comment by lovepassword | December 31, 2009 | Reply

    • wah wah… selamat tahun baru juga…
      masih nangkring ajah di internet… mending kita conference di YM xixixixi…

      Comment by hapitri | January 1, 2010 | Reply

  3. @Cah Ayune Hapitri

    Selamat tahun baru 2010, mari kita awali dengan niat dan kemauan yang kuat semoga Allah melancarkan dan memudahkan semua usaha kita, Amin.

    Salam hangat selalu,


    Comment by حَنِيفًا | January 1, 2010 | Reply

    • amien…

      happy new year juga mas 😀

      Comment by hapitri | January 2, 2010 | Reply

  4. met tahun baru. baru mampir lagi nih. btw, link aku masih blog lama tuh. belum diganti kok. hiks….

    Comment by fanny | January 4, 2010 | Reply

      wew iya yah… hehehe… ketauan deh kl ga rajin maintain perabotan disini 😛

      aku ganti sama yg kamu kasih itu yaa…

      Comment by hapitri | January 6, 2010 | Reply

  5. @Hapitri : Kamu mbuat aku penasaran saja. Kalo kamu sama Fanny ngegosipin aku , yah tak anggap biasalah. Kan wajar kalo artis ada yang ngefans.. Hi Hi Hi.Kalo dua ibu-ibu bergosip rada biasa kan. Apalagi topiknya bintang infotainment… 🙂

    Lha Daeng Fatah sama Adit , dua manusia antik itu ngapain juga ikutan bergosip. Topiknya aku lagi…Alamax…. Eh ssst bocorin dong mereka ngrasani aku apaan ? Mereka arisan bapak-bapak lagi yah ? Duh…

    Comment by lovepassword | January 4, 2010 | Reply

    • hihihihi… ada deehh…

      makanya join deh kapan2 midnite conference kita 😀

      Comment by hapitri | January 6, 2010 | Reply

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