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Virtual reality

Two opposite words that co-existing in today’s world.

A friend of mine told me once that never to take virtual world seriously, whilst another said not to put feelings in virtual world.

It seems that although many wanders in this virtual world, but they also deny its’ ‘realness’.

For me, the virtual world is an ideal world that I aspire. Even though there are crimes in it, violence, and all the craps that we have to deal in real world (as they say it), there also vast knowledge, friendship, love and all the goodness of real world.

Many told me that the virtual world is pretty much unreal, it is a make believe world. They told me, “it’s okay to fool around, no one will get hurts. And if there is any, then that person is a fool to take you seriously”.

Well, I have to admit that I am a fool. I’ve taken some part of that world seriously, and I got hurt. I keep thinking, weren’t we interacting with another living being? With another human on the other side?

I personally don’t believe that you can do anything in internet without consequences, even though you cannot touch the other person, or you will never meet that person in real life, or you wouldn’t even recognise that person if he/she stands in front of you, but that doesn’t mean that internet enables you to be mean and cold.

I’ve had some good friends that I met in internet, and they are as real as me and my non-virtual friends.

We’ve created our personality, alter ego, and ‘the self’ in that world as in the real world. A (virtual) friend of mine, Daeng for those who known him, has an interesting philosophy regarding superheroes…

Batman a commoner who masks himself in superhero costume, Superman a superhero who masks himself in commoner costume

At first it might sound silly since there is no such thing as superhero, but it strikes me that many use similar masks as those superheroes… interesting, don’t you say?

For instance, I’ve come across a ‘big man’ in a big company abroad, he disguised himself an act as a commoner, he protect his identity very well, never let anyone know his real self. He is playing as Clark Kent in internet… although it is kinda difficult to hide his costume once he started to ‘move in’ to a group… sooner or later someone bounds to find out and then he need to take his leave just to protect the rest of his real life – I respect him for doing so. I know how it feels not to be free of grand expectation of ourselves sometimes – it’s stress free!!

Or another example, a friend of mine, she is sweet, kind, caring and thoughtful in real life… but in internet, she is a biatch! And she kinda admits that… she’s playing Batman in internet…

We’re living the life that we really want virtually, as another friend of mine would say long time ago… “we feel safe behind that monitor screen, since no one can actually touch us, hence we feel no consequences of our virtual action

Then I asked myself, what am I playing?

If I may choose, I would love to play the super villain that mastermind world destruction… just for the kick of it 😛

Indeed that most of the time I would cover my identity to keep the weirdoes and psychopaths out of the way… you can find very strange people in real life, moreover in internet.

But usually when I’m beginning to trust and feel comfortable with the person I’m interacting with, I will reveal my true self. (I still feel honesty and truth is important in most relationships)

I would say that most of the time, I hide my identity just like Superman (though I am not as grand as Superman :P). Yet, if you notice, most of the time you will find plenty of Batmans roaming around in internet… you’ll recognise their ‘big act and talk’ most of the time.

So what role are you playing?

Within the same theme…


July 15, 2009 - Posted by | Philosophy


  1. What am I playing? Mmm… I use this virtual world to become my self, since in the real world I may have to follow “dress code” or “masks” that are required to suit certain occasions.

    Here, I can freely express my views, jokes, opinions and feelings without any hesitation. Through this virtual world I may say and interpret some words like this :

    (Jangan menghukum buku dengan koper)

    Jangan putus asa, tidak semua orang menilai manusia dari fisiknya, sapa tau bisa dari rumahnya, mobilnya, pekerjaannya, atau tabungannya.

    (Suka bapaknya, suka juga sama anaknya)
    Jangan salahkan diri kamu kalau kamu jelek, salahkanlah orangtuanya, karena jelek itu keturunan… iya kan?!

    (Jadi cakep kalo uda ganti kulit)
    Perbaiki inner beauty kamu, itu kalau ngerasa sisi luar kamu udah ancur ga ketolong lagi…

    (Ga dapet duit kalo ngga kesakitan dulu…kaya kuda lumping)
    Jangan sakit ati kalo dikatain jelek, cuek aja, inget film ‘Beauty and The Beast’ kan?

    (Sengatkan diri anda dengan tawon)
    Jadilah diri kamu sendiri, kalau kamu jelek syukurilah, soalnya kalo kamu cakep mungkin kamu bakal banyak dosanya. hehehe…

    THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE (Yang bener boleh keluar)
    Kalau orang lain menilai kamu jelek, jangan diambil ati, penilaian manusia tidak selalu benar (maksudnya kali kamu sebenarnya lebih jelek lagi)

    (Orang disebelah kanan, tempatnya ya disebelah kanan lagee!)
    Cakep-jelek itu tergantung lingkungan, misalnya kamu di sini jelek tapi di Kebun binatang bisa paling cakep lho, makanya pindah ke sono aja. hehehe…

    LOVE IS BLIND (Mencintai orang buta)
    Cinta tidak memandang cakep atau jelek, ga percaya? Tanyakan aja hal ini sama orang jelek………
    Memang CAKEP itu RELATIVE…
    tapi kalo JELEK itu MUTLAK BROOO!

    hehehe…. how I love this virtual world!

    Comment by Irawan Danuningrat | August 3, 2009 | Reply

    • yup.. exactly!
      in virtual world, you can be butt ugly but still have men drooling over you 😉

      ini lah bahayanya virtual world, terkadang kita menerobos ‘batas2’ yg kita tetapkan didunia nyata hanya karena merasa tak ada hambatan, tak ada hukum dan tak ada norma baku.
      I mean if you don’t like it, you can just walk out and find another flock to be with, rite?
      And the great thing about virtual world is that physical features means nothing!
      I’ve heard stories of women (and myself) who fell in love with someone they have never met or see the face in internet…
      and it’s completely crazy!!

      And of course I cannot say that I don’t love virtual world… no one judges me by my look or anything, what can be better than that? 😀

      Comment by hapitri | August 3, 2009 | Reply

      • BTW, let me answer your question right away.

        How about seeing the case from this perspective: “Batman is a commoner who made himself available for a superhero’s job, while Superman is a superhero who disguise himself in commoner life”.

        then, I would rather pretend my self as Batman, just a commoner, who tries his best through his mask (this virtual world) to put something…or.. everything whenever possible, in order that it should….

        So, this is 100% me…….

        Comment by Irawan Danuningrat | August 5, 2009

      • well, I would say that many ‘batmans’ are roaming around in here… but the special ones are the superman, I’d say… as long as they remains as Clark Kent 😉
        But I’m not saying that batman is no better, we all need batmans, commoners who tries to do something in anyway they can…

        the reason I prefer superman, is because of their humility, humbleness, and special ability which they are not showing 😛

        Comment by hapitri | August 8, 2009

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