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“Oh My God I’m so busy” status

Okay here we go…

Some friends had notice “how busy” Jakarta people are… they put it up on their messenger or facebook or any place where LOTS of people are able to see it.

And that is… oh-so-lame status! Or should I say… in psychological aspect… (let’s be mean!!) a compensation of their non-existence in the real world.

I mean for the love of God! If one is busy, then they should not put ‘available’ status on their messenger! They can just sign out or put the (-) sign, why the hell they need to tell the whole world that “oh-I’m-so-busy” but I can chat with you!

That is not ironic… that is pathetic!

I mean hey, I also don’t have a fabulous or shining job like a brand manager of an MNC or a totally hot young model that is fully booked until the next century.

But it’s unfair to compare anyone with me, since no one is me, but myself 😛


So I talk to some friends about it and I said that, it is because they don’t have a career that they can really proud of, thus they need to compensate it by looking busy.

In fact, rather to mock them, I think we all should pity them. Compared to some people (who might have earn less than them), they are not happy with their work, no excitements, no passion, nothing… it’s just work. Either for a living or just for a status – that they do have a job.

They try to show other people that they are important and give a notch that the company they work for may not be able to run smoothly without them, which in fact… of course the company will be down to rubble without them (xixixi…)


A friend said to me that a friend of her said that “real man don’t have more than 1 status per week on facebook”… that is totally hilarious… but then, when I browse through my friends list. I find that my mature and ‘successful’ friends usually have the same status for so long (even until it’s expired – shows how really busy they are even to up-date their facebook, no?!).


I sometimes feel that my line of work has so many spare time (I even able to write blog, right?!), but I really can’t login to every social network page everyday!! (but I still find time to play travian ha ha!)

I sometimes wonder… what the hell people are doing login to those website daily? I mean, beside posting pictures, or giving some silly comments, or replying to a rare message, I have no idea what else to do there… but they seems to be very keen on it. Okay… okay… beside updating “oh today is very busy” or “I’m queuing for J.Co” or “Caught in traffic going to my mum’s house” status… what else one should do there??

Oh for crying out loud, playing games? Our goddam internet connection is slower than my escargot appetizer trying to escape to safety! How… what… oh!


Another friend said that… “on the move status is showing that they own a blackberry”… OH MY GOD I AM SO F*CKING IMPRESSED!

I am totally impressed how Jakarta people bought gadgets just to keep updated! To think that we’re on the verge of International economy crisis… we should be impressed, right?!


Friends… this shows that our society is sick with inferiority syndrome! It doesn’t only happen to men, but generally! (me?? Naah… I got bitching syndrome :P)

So I really want to know what causing this… it makes me wonder, does the fact that we’ve been colonized by the Dutch? Or the suppressing from old regime? Or the culture? That causing this syndrome to our people? If so, I really want to know how to deal with it… I mean, I don’t want my decedents to have this syndrome. I want them to grow beautifully in a healthy mental state, able to be grateful of what they are, aim higher to whatever they want to be, to be free and happy at the same time.

I pray to God they will be like that… but that is IF I have any offspring! Ah… the irony… the irony…


To be honest… for me, I put up my status to attract someone’s attention 😉

Did it catch your attention yet? (wonder if you ever read this blog of mine…)


January 13, 2009 - Posted by | B*tching, In between, Life in General, Work place


  1. They just dont want to feel insignificant…..

    Comment by missmesha | January 16, 2009 | Reply

  2. that’s the right word!

    I N S I G N I F I C A N T

    but hey… more reason to proof that my theory of inferiority syndrom is true…

    Comment by hapitri | January 16, 2009 | Reply

  3. Setuju! Wah ternyata kita punya banyak kesamaan pendapat juga ya! (kecuali bagian gender sih hahahaha 😀 )

    Comment by Freddy | March 9, 2009 | Reply

  4. ah freddy… mentang2 pendapat saia okeh terus kamu ikut2an??

    eh kamu udah dimana skrg??

    mana oleh2???

    Comment by hapitri | March 10, 2009 | Reply

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