Bitchiness is not a Crime

Just another woman who try to look wise

Living life to the fullest

Maybe when I leave, you will feel so glad… or not.

Maybe you’ll miss me… or not.

But I just want to enjoy our last times to be together… I want to feel like it’s forever even though it’s not…

You know, it’s your entire fault… you gives me hopes and dreams… and that stupid commitment… my God!! How can I be so stupid to fall for that!! You took me to a place I missed so much… back to earth… and again, you left me wonder by myself… hoping that you’ll take me further…

I can’t stop wondering… why you don’t want to live life to the fullest while it last… why you don’t want to take what you can take.

When I return to my life, you do realized that it is over… it hurts me that you stop and stood there with that look in your eyes… which I can’t understand…

I remember that look means something… I just can’t interpret it… why the sad look baby? Don’t you want to stay like this for a while?

I know I asked for too much… I guess I am too eager to be happy… it’s been a while since I feel that… and I fell to that ‘self fulfilment’… I just thought that maybe… there’s still a chance in life for me… to be happy once more.

Sometimes, I just wish that life don’t treat me this way… giving me hopes and then crash me back to my dark side…

All the beautiful thing in life is just like a mirage on desert… illusion of what human want to see…

Don’t worry baby, I’ll be okay in time… I’m a big girl… we do cry sometimes… but we will get up and make the same mistake all over again.

Thank you baby… you gives me happiness for a while and I feel like I am loved once more, and boy… that feels amazing!! I wish you’ll find your happiness… just for one more time… turn to me, and give me that sweet kisses for one last time…

After that… I will live my life to the fullest and savour every second of it…


August 13, 2008 - Posted by | Dream, Life in General, Love, Relationship, Women

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