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The Age denial Era

Last night I was out with my best friend, we just don’t know what to do so we went to watch a movie… any movie! We saw “Fools Gold”. So I went to buy us some popcorn and there’s a girl doing ‘promotion & survey’, she came to us and ask our name and… age. When she asked me my age, I paused for 2 second… I just don’t want anyone to ask me my age! It’s hard for me to admit that I am in the early 30s – late 20s, there were things going on in my head answering to that question, “should I lie?”, “what will she say?”, etc… it’s hard to accept that I am getting older, let alone getting reminder at my face each time I met new people. (oh… can I stay in mid 20s forever?!) okay, eventually I tell he my ‘real’ age. So we, my friend and I, talk about it on our way to the cinema and laugh at it.

After the movie, we decided to grab coffee and chat some more. So when we’re about to leave, there were a pair of couples who looks like a ‘post-teen’ sat beside us. The 1 couple is obviously married, the girl is quite pregnant 😛 (okay, they’re maybe more than ‘post-teens’) and the other couple is dating (I think!).

And.. yes – I was eavesdropping on them (save me the lecture about decency or privacy, I got nothing better to do at that time), so a friend of them asked the ‘dating’ couple the ‘default’ question of daters. “so when will it be your turn?” (I can’t help letting go a smirk), then the guy answer “well, you should’ve ask… (his gf’s name, who I have no recollection) first”. Then they start talking about marriage and the plan, then the guy said “not that I want to marry at 30, that would be too old”… (okay at that moment I am tempted to pound the guy).

Then I thought… is 30 years old, really that old?? After that my friend say that maybe when we were their age, we think the same way as they did, she might be right, I was being overly sensitive about age. Then she told me that she feels like a failure, (although she has a good career, good friends, making good money, etc.) she said that not being married and haven’t ‘produce’ kids making her feel she is worthless. That was the most absurd thing I ever heard from her!

Didn’t we’re suppose to be ‘young and fabulous’?? or had we passed that age without noticing?? Didn’t we’re suppose to be enjoying life to the fullest? If so, then why so many women feel the way we feel? I know that early 30s may not sound as old, but I’m just not ready to enter the 30s realm where life is going down the hill for women, they said. And to be honest, I never can imagine seeing myself settling down when I was mid 20s. I was at the heap of the game at that age and no way I am slowing down to get married, marriage was the last thing I had in mind.

Even now, if the situation is not as dire as it is, I wouldn’t think of getting married at all. (believe me, the ‘dire situation’ has got nothing to do with my age)

It is still difficult for me to accept that I am closing to 30, I am in true denial, but I think it is just a phase and when I reach 30, everything will stay the same, only I have more candles on my birthday cake.


August 1, 2008 - Posted by | B*tching, Life in General, Relationship, Women


  1. aku juga pernah ngalamin perasaan kayak gitu. Krn buntutnya, pasti mereka bertanya : udah married? Anaknya berapa? Tapi lambat laun, aku mulai bisa menghilangkan ‘perasaan’ itu. Apalagi, aku semakin mantap dg pilihanku untuk being single forever. Kaget? ha ha ha…ada banyak hal yg gak bisa kuceritakan di blog kamu. Nanti aja kalo blog jomblowatinya udah jadi ya….

    Comment by fatamorgana | October 22, 2008 | Reply

  2. nope… I wanted to be single a few years ago.. but in fact, I love ‘LOVE’ that much… 😉
    dan buat gw, itu semua pilihan… tapi seperti yg gw ceritain di post gw yg lain, gw ga mau mati sendirian hehehe…

    Comment by hapitri | October 23, 2008 | Reply

  3. perasaan, mati itu memang sendirian kok. gak mungkin ajak2 orang deh. ha ha ha..kecuali kena tsunami barengan. Well, setiap orang punya pilihan sendiri ‘kan? Btw, siapa nih LOVE nya?

    Comment by fatamorgana | October 24, 2008 | Reply

  4. oh no no… I mean LOVE, literally… LOVE, the feeling in love and the turmoil and the excitements.. everything about LOVE… I actually loves it!

    yah say… mati sendirian tanpa ada yg tau terus muka gw dimakan kucing kan bayangan yg mengerikan buat menutup cerita hidup gw 😛

    Comment by hapitri | October 24, 2008 | Reply

  5. tapi elo kan punya saudara. adik or kakak gitu. pasti mereka juga gak akan diamin gitu aja kan. kalo gw sih punya 4 adik yg baik dan sayang bgt sama gw. Terus punya 2 ponakan yg lucu2. Malah, gw udah mikir mau masuk panti jompo aja deh. Biar gak usah repotin mereka. Terus, mau buat surat wasiat (ciee..kayak hartanya segudang aja). Temen gw juga tuh ada yg udah mikir ke situ. ha ha ha..Tua banget ya pemikirannya.

    Comment by fatamorgana | October 25, 2008 | Reply

  6. hihihi… entah ya… gw pengen masa tua gw nanti, engga gw sia2in merenung dalam sebuah panti. gw pengen melakukan sesuatu buat kemanusiaan atau buat diri gw sendiri setidaknya… 😛 (tetep egois hihihi…)

    Comment by hapitri | October 27, 2008 | Reply

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