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Limitless Love

Lately a friend of mine keeps talking about limitless love (cinta yang tak berujung), she said that when you desire something in return when you love someone, then it means that your love has an end to it. I don’t know why she keeps talking about it (probably she is recently read something about it, but…), but it makes me think do I put a limit to my love? Is it wrong to wanting seeing the person you love happy? Is it wrong to be at their side even though not as a lover?

I know that’s what I feel when loving someone… I want them to be happy… I want the best in life happens to them…

Oh… if you ask me whether I want to be the love of his life, yes, yes, yes. But I don’t want to tie them in a bond they don’t want to be… If there is a bond, I want it to be mutual. But when it is a one way love, then I just want to love them as much as I can, to be their shoulder to cry on, to be someone they rely on, to be their shelter, to be their home, to be a good friend. I feel that there is no better prize than to see the people you love happy in their life… (oh now I’m ruining my reputation as a bitch!!!)

I know that too much love can suffocate, it can be annoying, it can be a pain! That is why I never put any rules in my relationships… but why, why am I never satisfied in a relationship? Does this mean that my love has an end? Or actually I have no ambition in love?

I remember most of the loves of my life happen accidentally, where I wasn’t looking for love… they were perfect at that time… but somehow… we’re just grew apart.

So I reach to the final question… what exactly I look in love? Do I need love at all?

Oh… I just got a great quote from a friend…


May 29, 2008 - Posted by | Life in General, Love

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